Heidelberger Schloss, Blick vom ersten Torturm auf den zweiten Torturm


Virtual tour of Heidelberg Castle


Once you have reached the castle by the funicular railway or by car – there is also a steep pathway up to the castle – you enter it through the first tower gateway, cross a bridge across the former moat and come to the second tower gateway shown in the photo above.


Heidelberger Schloss, Blick in den Innenhof


When you pass through the second tower gateway each step reveals more and more of the castle courtyard. To the right you can see the portico above the well. The steps lead to the castle restaurant. In the background is the impressive backdrop of the remains of the Ludwig wing, completed in 1524. The German Pharmacy Museum is situated on the ground floor, which is still completely intact, and in the arched cellars.

Heidelberger Schloss, Blick in den Innenhof mit Friedrichs Bau und Springbrunnen


This is what the castle courtyard looked like in 1683.


If you go through the portico of the Ruprecht building and turn round again you will see an attractive view with the old chapel in the background.


The impressive facade of the Otto-Heinrich building.

Otto-Heinrich building


The impressive facade of the Ludwig wing.

Blick in den Hof des Heidelberger Schlosses, seitlich der Friedrichsbau, ums Eck der Ludwigsbau


From here you can walk on to the building constructed especially to house the biggest wine barrel in the world. It contains 222,000 liters of wine.

Hier geht es hinein zur Weinprobe und zum größten Weinfass der Welt


Here you can enjoy a glass of wine while marveling at the enormous barrel. Steep steps lead up to a dance floor on top of the barrel.

Das größte Weinfass der Welt mit Tanzboden auf dem Fass


After that, perhaps you might like to walk out onto the castle terrace.

Blick vom Schlosshof auf die Terrasse über dem Neckar


From the terrace, there is a marvelous view of the Neckar Valley across the Old Town and far on into the Rhine plain. If visibility is good you can often also see the forests of the Pfalz (Palatinate) lying on the opposite range of hills.

Blick vom Heidelberger Schloss auf die Altstadt und die Rheinebene

A glance upstream along the Neckar shows you the entire beauty of the setting and the Neckar Valley.


Blick von der Terrasse des Heidelberger Schlosses Neckar aufwärts